BBCode AHK script which encodes BBCode based on regex rules specified by the user.

SmartMerger - Current v2.6D

NIF Texture Stripper - Current v1.6

SmartMerger Docs

Spellcheck for Pidgin. Some versions of the installer are missing what appears to be just a basic library. Extract into the pidgin/spellcheck directory. The archived/saved files for the public Pathfinder SRD have a bunch of junk, including references and ads that are no longer applicable. This rips 99% of the problems away leaving you a clean offline SRD you can reference. (Note: The archive seems to have been phased out for PDF files)

Sorry, my site got deleted so my data is missing. If anything is missing, I'd say let me know but I don't want to put my email here. My email is accessible (or should be) in the TX texture stripper.